Lines In Perfect Places

Contemporary artist and writer, Tunde Omotoye, opens us to his art of storytelling the black culture through his paintings.

The Nigerian Culture is notoriously known for one of many great things, which is story telling through arts. Our culture is richly endowed with a creative background and art is at the foremost of it. Many people sought to creating arts in a quest to find their true calling, but most of them fail to transcend the true meaning of arts and its nature. Being an artist is not about just creating visually aesthetic components, Works of art often tell stories. Artists can present narrative in many ways—by using a series of images representing moments in a story, or by selecting a central moment to stand for the whole story.

Tunde Omotoye, based in Canada but Nigerian by decent, explores this path carefully. He being a writer naturally enables him to communicate his ideas and story of the Nigerian culture through his art. When asked when he started painting, he simply replied “Art has always been a part of me since when I was kid. I loved to scribble when I was kid. Professionally, I started painting and designing in the fall of 2017”.

Confident of his work and true to his culture, Tunde pays critics little or no attention. One of his notable achievements was his work being on full display at the Dundas Square in downtown Toronto for one whole month in 2018. This naturally for an Artist is their one proudest moment, as it is a major challenge for an artist to get their works noticed in an ever encroaching market. Speaking on this topic, he said “The Challenge is always getting your work out there. There’s always a lot of gallery looking to take your work, but many of them just want to take your money without really pushing your work. Art doesn’t really need much capital. What you need is originality for your art and a lot of content. Social media has been an awesome platform for getting my work out there. Through Instagram I have connected with a lot of creatives and galleries.”

After just starting professionally 2 years ago, Tunde as accomplished quite a lot for an artist who still has a day-to-day job as a Senior BA in one of Canada’s biggest banks. His journey and works are well documented on his website where his works can be purchased. To see more of his work, you can view his profile via his Instagram

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