Life of Aesthetic Photojournalist – Abiona Victoria

For every human being, there comes moments of self realization, decision making and individual choices which either breaks or makes us. One of these important milestones is deciding on a career choice.

Young super-talented Abiona Oluwapelumi Victoria is a realism photographer and photojournalist, a mass-communication student of the prominent University of Ilorin in Kwara State of Nigeria who against all odds and challenges followed and built on her passion of photography.

The satisfaction I derive in creating images and the urge to maximize my potentials keeps me going

For young and super-talented Victoria, photography started mid-year 2018 and has grown considerably since then with immense support from family and friends. With brand name Pretoria, 18 year old Abiona continues to display talent and potentials well beyond expectations.


Life hasn’t been a bed of roses for the young entrepreneur who has faced her own share of unfairness,one of which is her lack of a personal camera set to aid the display of her talent. “But that hasn’t stopped me from shooting although it could be frustrating at times having to lend cameras here and there” was her response when asked about her challenges.

Young though, she continues to display talents and potentials beyond expectations.

You can follow her journey through time and space via her social media platforms – Instagram @pictoriaa

Phone number : 09073904663

Email: vicabiona@gmail.com.

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