Carnal Street Roadman Collection

Amateur channel recently recently caught up with Okwuegbunam Oke, the Brain behind carnal street to give us more insight about his collection, roadman.

Creation that is while being repetitive and easily identifiable in design put together in a manner that communicates motion, emotion and growth

In 2018, he launched their current work known as roadman and the collection spun out with several silhouettes which has being in high demand as the likes of Burna Boy and Ycee couldn’t wait to model the piece as soon as it dropped.

Breaking into the streetwear culture, Okwuegbunam oke is not your average 22 year old, he is a Nigerian that has seen the lives of many cities around he has visited. His craft is simple and endearing, “I communicate and recreate my history and lifestyle through art , fashion, and music”

Speaking on his creative direction, Oke wants to continue to penetrate his environment with creation that is while being repetitive and easily identifiable in design, is put together in a manner that communicates motion, emotion and growth. This response reminds of me of this saying by Michael Kors and I reiterate

Clothes are like a good meal , a good movie , great pieces of music

Clothing is a big deal for everyone and the sense of finding one’s style is a big deal because dressing is a way of expressing one’s self.

Inspiration is undaunted and helps in keeping the dream true and good, it does not see discouragement, that is what keeps Oke very in tune with his craft. He knows that his work can be different and does not stop thinking of ways of exploring this subject of his, which in this case is Roadman.

As every other creative, he is sure of the market and the designer dream which he believes continue to achieve greater heights all the time especially in the Nigerian market and soon the global market .I remember an advanced writing course I offered and we were asked to write on ourself and I must admit, it was hard for me to pick a personal ideology because I kept thinking “too weird to live, too rare to die”. That’s not the case of oke, He’s open to the criticism that his work would offer but he is ready to be on that path of more wins and achievements of his dream that he works hard against all odds . He wants to win .

Creatives have often found challenges as a part of the rodeo in the accomplishment of their goals, as a young creative in Nigeria, he facd the similar battle of lack of proper infrastructure and funding. Most times than often the work needs money to be fulfilled and Oke faced that but one step at a time goes a long way in fulfilling the dream which is already on the way. Growth is constant, with their first collection underway, Carnal street has inspired a creative movement with the roadman art on their pieces.

To find out more about the roadman Brand . Do check them out on social media platforms with the handle : @carnalstreet

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